The universal house of justice and the birthday anniversary of the claimed barker of Bahaullah!

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The leadership foundation of the universal house of justice of Baha’ism published a 4-page message on the occasion of the bicentinary birthday anniversary of Ali Muhammad Bab on Mehr 1398, October 2019 A.D. studying the message, we realize that the Baha’ism organization has tried to perk the plan of the claim for continuation of prophet dynasty to endlessness as legitimate and to introduce Baha’ism as the promised one of Babism.

As written in the message: “Each time, a heavenly educator is being appeared in the world, a holy figure whose teachings will form humen’s thoughts and deeds for a protracted centuries… Each of these great educators have promised for another holy figure to be emerged in the specified rendezvous.[1]” In the continuation of the message, it is written that: “However, the Excellency Bab had a special aim. He wanted to prepare human beings for the eminent appearance… This preparation was the most emphasized issue of the Excellency.[2]

However, the following notes will investigate and critisize this part of the message of the foundation of the leadership of Baha’ism:


1)   If the prophet dynasties continue to endlessness and each prophet introduces the promised one after himself; so why has the forged prophet of Baha’ism introduced himself as the last prophet of God?![3] Why has Abdul Baha considered his father’s prophethood up to 500 thousand years?![4] Additionally he has claimed for not emerging any prophet after his father up to 365 million years![5]


2)   According to the confess by the universal house of justice, the teachings of each prophet will form human being’s thought for long centuries. Why did the claimant of Baha’ism prophethood abolish his forged religious law shortly after Bob’s death and less than 20 years?!


3)   According to confess by the Baha’ism organization concerning determining definite time for the emergence of the last prophets by first ones, the claim for the prophethood of Baha’ism leader as the promised one of Babism can’t be accepted because the Excellency Bab has appointed the Sacred Mosque (Masjedul Haram) as the appointed place for the promised[6] one[7] and had appointed 1511 years to 2001 years after himself as the appointed time for the emergence of the promised one.[8] Thus, the claimant of prophethood of Baha’ism who claimed for his prophethood in Baqdad garden less than 20 years is a false promised one and Baha’ism legitimacy can’t be accepted anymore!


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[2] Ibid, p. 2, line 16.

[3] "وَ نَفسی الحَق قد انتَهَت الظُهورات الی هذا الظهور الاعظم و مَن یدعی بعده انه کذاب مفتر"

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[8] Refer to Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Persian Bayan, Ahl-e-Bayan publishing house, p. 71.

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