Christianity and Baha’ism and the false claiming for supporting the kid rights

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Bahaismiran: What is the relationship between the agents of crimes and wild massacres against oppressed kids in the occupied Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Myanmar and etc. with Christianity and Baha’ism heads across the world?!

No wisdom and logic differentiate between kids. A kid is a kid. Kids’ rights must be regulated in each part of the earth free from religion, creed, policy and etc..

The heads of Christianity and Baha’ism have good relationships with the agents of wild massacre of the oppressed kids across the world and there relationships become strengthened day by day. Haven’t they support the oppressed kids of Palestine, Myanmar, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and etc. seriously and taken serious measures in the international assemblies?!

The agents of such crimes like the Zionistic regime and America take photo with the Christianity and Baha’ism heads and shake hand with them warmly and congratulate the anniversary of false treaty of kid rights and hold insidious summits.




In the 30th anniversary of false treaty of kid rights, the Excellency Pope and Mrs. Bani Dugal, the representative of the Baha’i universal community and other high-ranking officials of various countries conferred to find better ways to destroy kid rights and to confirm their friendship and support from the agents of such crimes.



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