Personal proselytizing, a strategy for winning in Baha’ism

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Posing personal proselytizing scenario, the Baha’ism organization is going to hide its proselytizing and organizational activities and force the Iranian Baha’is to ignore the governmental rules and to oppose against the government indirectly. The Baha’ism organization assumes the both cases as success for itself!

     Once of the offensive proselytizing tricks of the Baha’ism organization is advising to personal proselytizing. In this case, proselyting Baha’ism for Baha’is is: “the best action described by God and of the spiritual manifestations to which each Baha’i person is obliged to do that in the blessed works. In this way, proselytizing is being explained as moral issue which attracts the holy spirit…[1]

     Using this weapon, the Baha’ism organization is going to hide its proselyting and organizational activities posing personal proselytizing and to force the Iranian Baha’is to ignore the governmental rules to oppose against the government indirectly.

     Thus, in this case, two things may happen:

1)   If Islamic republic remains silent against the extensive and offensive proselytizing of Baha’ism, it will assumed as a success for Baha’ism because feeling successful, Baha’ism will follow other stages of recognizing Baha’ism formally which will end in establishing a Baha’i government (as the promised land)[2]. Consequently, these silence and prostration aren’t compatible with the religious teachings of Islam; but it will end in national interest harms regarding the dependence and betrayed background of the Baha’ism organization to the hostile governments.

2)   When the Iranian government confront against the illegal proselytizing and offensive advertisements of the Baha’i proselytizers; in this case, it is in favor of the Baha’ism organization because it pretends to be oppressed in order to increase pressure on the Iranian government in order to denounce our country. In this case, in additional to proselytize in the international assemblies, it fights against our Islamic revolution.

     As a matter of fact, how can the Baha’ism heads deny the proselytizing organizational responsibility assigned to the Baha’is while if a person or medium acts against the universal house of justice policies (: such as Bahareh Moqaddam, the bicentenary anniversary of Baha network or Baha’i news medium[3]), it will be smashed everywhere immediately?!

     Of course, because the Iranian government forbids proselytizing for Baha’is; so the Baha’is obliged to obey the government[4] based on their sectarian standards. The universal house of justice tries to evade the absolute commandment of Baha’ism (concerning the obedience of rulers) ordering the Baha’is to proselytize personally.


[1] The leadership foundation of the universal house of justice message dated Isfand, 12, 1391 addressing the Iranian Baha’is.

[2] Refer to Shoqi, the emergence of the divine justice, Bita, Bija, p. 32.

[3] For more studies refer to the following articles: The universal house of justice answer to the criticism of some Baha’is; The Baha’is dealings for buying land for the Jewish people!

[4] Shoqi Effendi: “The commandments sent by the Excellency Bahaullah in the book Aqdas is necessary to be obeyed by the divine disciples and the Baha’i organization in the east and west of the world.” : Hussein Ali Nouri, the Aqdas (the book introduction), p. 14.


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