Hussein Ali Baha, the foulmouthed forged prophet!!!

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 IN his books, the forged prophet of Baha’ism Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri addresses his brother Mirza Yahya and his other followers with befitting words.

     The holy prophet Excellency Muhammad (peace be upon him and his descendants was so kind with the ignorant Arabs that the holy Quran is praising him:

"...لَوْ كُنْتَ فَظًّا غَلِيظَ الْقَلْبِ لَانْفَضُّوا مِنْ حَوْلِك..." (آل عمران/159)

     “…if thou hads been stem and fierce of heart, they would have dispersed from round about the …” (Al-Imran/159)


     However, Hussein Ali Nouri was the real evidence of violence who has excommunicated his family even his relatives. So, there is no doubt the owner of such words and speech is surely an ordinary person who has supported by the Colonial governments.

     He has also insulted the Shiite clergymen because he has called the Islamic scholars as the earth worms in the book “Iqan”.

     He has also addressed the scholar of Islam in the book Iqan as “barking dogs” dead body, bat Zaqum tree and etc. and has criticized them just because the Shiite scholars have disagreed the forged creed. Are these inadmissible attributes compatible with the order of "عاشروا مع الادیان بالروح و الریحان" stated by him in the book Aqdas page 39?

     According to Baha’is, the book Iqan written by Hussein Ali Nouri has been sent by God like other his books. So, the question is that: Did God send down the clumsy words for Mirza Hussein Ali? God forbid, Are there any clumsy world in the heavenly books like the holy Quran?

     Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri Mazandarani writes in the book Iqan written to answer Mirza Muhammad Khal, Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s maternal uncle’s questions to defend Ali Muhammad Bab’s claim on page 164:

     “Why don’t these earth worms think about these traditions which are similar to the sun in the middle of the sky…”

     Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri is calling the Islamic scholars as the earth worms just because the Shiite scholars have considered his vain claims as wrong posing logical and obvious reasons and have confronted him.

     The forged prophet of Baha’ism didn’t deprive all people even scholars and Shiite sources of religious authorities, his brother even his relatives of his clumsy words. When the leader of a cult uses such befitting words, his followers are so; although they are pretending to be kind.



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