Tahereh, the mother of riot and assassination

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By: Seyyed Kazem Mousavi






One of the puppets which tried hard to fulfill the Colonial aims was Zarin Taj Baraqani Qazvini. She possessed a null confidence grown up in a cultural family. Eventually, it caused her to turn against the origin of Islamic beliefs and o enter into Sheikism.

     In order to confront the pure Muhammadan Islam, the sovereignty powers were searching for a character to possess the necessary ability and charisma to introduce him as the Shiite community’s absent Imam in order to take away the hope for the right government and to omit the Islamic scholars as the defenders of the Iranian national interests. To achieve this aim, the United Kingdom commissioned Mulla Hussein Boshrouyee to find such a person and convince him to claim for being Mahdi. He went to Shiraz city a found a young Seyyed man called Ali Muhammad who had participated at Seyyed Kazem Rashti, the successor of Sheikism head’s classes in Karbala for a while and convinced him to claim for being Imam of the time.


     When Zarrin Taj heard of Seyyed Ali Muhammad’s claim, she helped making the Colonial aims of her lords clear along with her pupils. When she was in holy Shrine of Iraq, she humiliated the Islamic commandments to such an extent that the Islamic scholars decided to ask Baqdad ruler to send this seditious woman to Iran.




     Zarrin Taj’s entrance into the Iranian land:

     The flagrant and hostile measures of Qorratul Ein in the holy Shrine led her to be sent to Iran by the Iraq ruler asked by the Shiite scholars and sources of religious authorities.

     Since Baqdad ruler commanded her to be exited from Iraq, a majority of her disciples moved towards Iran. They resided in Karbala city when they entered into Iran. Tahereh and her companions headed off towards Kermanshah because the people of Karbala city were Ahl-e-Haqq.

     When Tahereh entered into Kermanshah city, she created tension and riot in the city for 40 days. She rented three houses as she arrived. She appointed one of the houses as the proselytizing center. She started proselytizing and preaching Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s illusions.

     Agha Abdullah Mojtahed who was one of the learned scholars of Kermanshah city could be silent and confronted the deviating movement. He asked people not to pay attention to Zarin Taj Qazvini’s illusions and not to go to the proselytizing center. He also noted the aristocrats and dignitaries of the city not to let Qorratul Ein to enter into their houses. When Agha Mojtahed realized that he couldn’t be able to repress the sedition, he was harassed and sent an agent to the city secretly to ask Tahereh’s relatives to take her out of Kermanshah city using each possible means.

     Haj Mirza Hussein Nikou writes in his book called “Nikou’s philosophy: “When Tahereh became aware of Agha Abdullah’s view, she exited from Kermanshah and headed off towards Hamadan city. She was proselytizing during the way in villages.[1]

     When they arrived in Hamadan city, all together they were 40. They rented three houses and proselytized in one of the houses. The people of Hamadan were paying attention to the center to know who they were and what they did. Zarin Taj disciples were proselytizing in alleys and market, too. Qorratul Ein herself were commuting the aristocrats and dignitaries’ houses of the city to proselytize. She also went to Bahman Mirza’s castle, the ruler of Hamadan to preach her beliefs.[2]

     Some princes held a debate assembly between several scholars and Qorratul Ein for entertainment and recreation. In the debate assembly, there were two Jewish people called Mulla Elyahou and Mulla Laleh. Those two Jewish people welcomed the disunity among Muslims due to their enmity against Islam. So, he exaggerated about Qorratul Ein to such an extent that the religious makers became popular.[3] Thus, a large number of Jewish people accepted Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s nonsenses and became Babi.

     When Tahereh realized that everything was okay and was also thinking of disagreeing with Islam, she gathered and compiled and epistle containing Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s illusions accompanied by her disciples and sent it for the most learned scholar of Hamadan city via one of her disciples. When the mentioned scholar observed the acceptance of Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s claim at the end of the letter, he got furious and ordered for the letter carrier to be punished. When Qorratul Ein and her companion saw the situation distressed, they headed off towards Qazvin city.[4]

     When Zarrin Taj and her disciples arrived at Qazvin city, they started preaching and proselytizing Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s illusions assisted by the Russian consul.

     Mulla Saleh, Zarrin Taj’s father tried hard to reconcile Tahereh and her paternal uncle Mulla Muhammad Taqi (her father-in-law) and also her husband, Mulla Muhammad the Friday prayer leader of Qazvin city; but Tahereh didn’t accept and disagreed. She said: There is an opposition between evil and pure and between a faithful person and atheist.[5]

     Mulla Muhammad Taqi who couldn’t tolerate Qorratul Ein’s insult against Islam religion and considered such profanities originated from Ali Muhammad Shirazi and Sheikism teachings announced his disgust against them on pulpit and made the public aware. So, Tahereh decided to assassinate him.

     E’atezad-al-Saltaneh who was one of the agents in deviating the community supported by the British and Russian governments has written in his book called “the Bab’s sedition: Although Babis try to consider Qorratul Ein to be innocent in the assissnation of Mulla Muhammad Taqi Baraqani and justify in this regard; but the firm documents prove that this spiritual man’s murder has been done by her order and awareness.[6]

     15 days before the assassination, she made her disciples and companion leave the city to achieve her aim.[7]

     During these two weeks, the city condition was calm. Suddenly, one morning, the city was filled with wailing and uproar due to the murder of Mulla Muhammad Taqi.

     Five disciples of Zarrin Taj who had remained in the city ordered by her and were the agents of her murder were captured.

     Fereydoun Adamiyyat believes that during their riots in Naseri’s periods of time, the Babis were behaving brutally with people and the governmental forces; so that they were dismembering the captives and making them fire while they were alive. This cruelty and fierceness can be observed in the adventure of the murder of the third martyr Hajj Mulla Muhammad Taqi Baraqani.[8]


     When the governmental system became aware of the assassination, it searched and investigated the issue. One of the murderers introduced himself and his companions. They were captured and sent to Tehran city.

     However, the main commanding of the assassination was Tahereh Qorratul Ein. After she was captured, she was imprisoned in the ruler’s house.

     When Qorratul Ein realized that she is to be revenged, she wrote a letter to Tehran city for Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri, Mirza Bozorg Nouri’s son.[9]




     Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri could abduct her out of the ruler’s house assisted by one Babi person from Qazvin city and transferred her to Tehran city. Several days later, she was transferred to Khorasan city to be safe there…


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