The ambulation of the treacherous organization of Baha’ism for riot and disorder

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It can be said that the month Day, 1398 was one of the most difficult days of the Islamic revolution which was changed into the peak days of revolutionary movement of the Iranian nation for enshrining a brave man. However, an excuse was enough for the treacherous Baha’i media to come to the scene.

     Apart from their leaders’ teachings concerning not meddling with policy, the Baha’i media intrigued and encouraged the Baha’is to participate at illegal and riotous gatherings.

     The Baha’i community should ask itself and the national and local assemblies: why do the Baha’i treacherous media insist to participate at riots? What is these media’s aims to create troubles and problems for the Baha’is in Iran? Is the universal house of justice being pressed by the landlord to cause riot in Iran? During 1388 sedition, the Baha’ism organization observed and suffered from a huge costs for the Baha’is presence at riots. Which benefits are the Baha’ism organization deriving?


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