Sufism, Sheikism and Baha’ism are events from the same origin

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In addition to the deviant belief of Sufism, all critics who criticizes the deviant cult believe that they keep in touch with the Colonialists and aliens. They have been commissioned to create differences among the Shiites. One of the Shiite scholars says about Sufism attribution to aliens: “Sufism, Sheikism and Baha’ism are three events from the same origin.”



     Theologically, Sufism is considered as a deviant cult. For this reason, it has been reprehended by the religious dignitaries. Sufism relationship with the Colonialism is of the other reasons for the scholar and people’s sensitivity against this cult.

     One of the most prominent reasons for attributing the deviant cults to aliens is the continuous reports of Mr. Hamphere, the English spy, who considers the expansion of Sufism as the reason for destroying Shiites’ unity and preaching not hewing the religious values. He writes: “It can be possible for Muslims to be kept lagging behind culturally and economically by expanding Sufism and preaching the books which revitalize the spirit of setting the world aside such as “science revitalizing” by Ghazali, the collection of poem by Rumi called “Masnavi Molavi”! (the memoirs of Mr. Hamphere, p. 102)[1]

     In addition to alien reports, one of the religious dignitaries says about this cult’s attribution to aliens: “In a period of time, the Colonialism especially England was trying to disunite Muslims and turned to making religion and cult. Late Mr. Seyyed Ali Najaf Abadi who was one of the great scholar said: “Sufism, Sheikism and Baha’ism are three events from the same origin [outfall]!” (The jurisprudence rudiments of the Islamic government, Qom, 1370, p. 102)[2]


[1] Mr. Hemphere’s memoirs, translated by Kazemi Ali, the center for publishing the Islamic thoughts, Qom 1370, p. 102.

[2] Najaf Abadi, Hussein Ali Montazeri, the jurisprudence rudiments of the Islamic government, translated by Salawati Mahmoud and Shakouri, Keyhan institute, Qom, 1409 A.H. Vol. 8, p. 349.


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