Who is Saqar Kasraee?

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 She is from a Baha’i family and a CIA wage-earner and a source of proselytizing team of Donald Trump for the anti-Iranian contents. Her film insulting Hajj Qasem’s photo was released in Twitter and was circulated by Trump’s son with 2,5 million viewers.

     Erika or Saqar Kasraee was also active in 1388 sedition along with Abbas Fakhr Awar. The following photo displays her tie green bracelet for Tzipi Livin, the former foreign minister of Israel. In the photo, you also see James Woolsey, the CIA head.



     Now, the Wage-earner of CIA is going to renounce the mourning occasions of the heart commander martyr Qasem Soleimani in the cyberspace the occasion that millions of Iranians participated. This is a null dream. Day 1398 events were sorrowful for the Iranian nation. In one side, the martyrdom of the hearts commander for which millions of Iranians were mourning and in other side the airplane event made the Iranian nation mournful. However, these days were the ones in which the Iranians displayed their splendor, majesty and glory by their gathering memorializing the martyrdom of the hearts commander or the authority of the system of government of Islamic Republic of Iran on Day, 18th.


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