The undercover of releasing a video against the commander Soleimani by a Baha’i!

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The undercover of the activities of a Baha’i woman who introduces herself as an American-Iranian one against the commander Soleymani was released. After the martyrdom of lieutenant general Hajj Qasem Soleimani, a video was released in an American site had many feedbacks.


     In this video, a Baha’i woman who is introducing herself as American-Iranian one expresses remarks against Islamic Republic of Iran in English language.


     Contrary to what she claimed, not only she isn’t a citizen but also she is a flunky of a movement trying to overthrow the Iranian government. This report retells the undercover of a so-called simple-hearted citizen.


     According to evidence, the video of this so-called citizen called Saqar Kasraee has had many outcomes and feedbacks in the United States. It has been like a virus sent by everyone. This is one of ten samples to create mental war against our country with 10 million viewers. It has been a video with the most viewers in the cyberspace in America and the most influential cyberspace content in forming the public thoughts of America about the assassination of the commander Soleimani.


     In this five-minute video which is made by this woman in the living room of her house, she says people not to be deceived by left and liberal media of America to call Soleimani’s assassination illegal. She introduces herself as “an Iranian” who knows the Iranian community well. She says: “The Iranian people consider Soleymani as terrorist and are happy with Trump’s action in assassinating him.” However, what is the hidden reality of this so-called simple-hearted element’s activities?


     Saqar Kasraee isn’t an Iranian-American who has superficially made film with her simple cellphone in her house living room to inform people; but she is of active people in the domain of anti-Iran activities. She has been exposed in various anti-security foreign summits even in Tel Aviv after being active in the movements to overthrow the Iranian system of government in 1388 S.H. along with Amir Abbas Fakhr Awar who is one of the other opposition activists in America.


      The ordinary Iranian woman has visited the number one security heads of America and Israel like Sanator “John McCain, the candidate of 2008 presidential elections of the U.S., “Tzipi Livni”, the security politician and the leader of liberal party of Israel and also a CIA officer called James Wells”. Livni is the former minister of foreign affairs of the Qods occupying regime cabinet is the one who had said seven years ago responding about the taint about having immoral relationship with Qatar leader: “Sheikh Hamd ibn Khalifeh Alsani, the current leader of Qatar and Hamd ibn Jasem, the prime minister of Qatar are of those with whom I had affairs and has been of my best success during my post as the foreign minister of Israel.” She had also said about the massacre of Palestine people: “Killing a number of Palestine people and Arab scientists are of my most important operations during my presence in Mossad.”


     Welzi is the other person who has been in touch with Kasraee. He has been the chairman of the intelligent service of the United States between the years 1993 to 1995 overthrowing foundation defending democracy FDD and he has also participated at the negotiations of agreement with the Soviet Union. He is the colleague of Jackson universal affairs institute of Yale university.








     More interesting note is that Welzi is one of the influential members of union against the nuclear Iran UANI. Of course Tzipi Livni and Ibn Zaed are of the members of the union. As a matter of fact, this institution can be introduced as the number one enemy of Iran and as the place of gathering anti-Iran enmities. The institute of the unity against the unclear Iran is the one whose duty is putting the name of Iran alongside with the word risk. It intrigues countries across the world to cut the interchanges with Iran holding various campaigns.


     One of the activities of this institute is holding anti-Iran summits and inviting leaders of various countries particularly the Zionistic regime and several Arabic countries to explain about the risk of Iran giving speech by Thomas Kaplan, Joe Lieberman, Ibn Zayed and running various anti-Iran campaigns.








Amir Fakh Awar, Saqar Kasraee, Caspian Makan, Nazanin Afshin Jam,? And Irwin Cotler (the Canadian Israeli liberal representative), June, 22, 2020 Ottawa


     Bazfid site which is one of the most important news sites of America reports about Saqar Kasraee that she has been the employee of Texas company called “Linden Solution”, the formal lobby of Lybia liberal army. Liberal army is the armed group which has today changed Lybia into a hell and has also been one of the reasons for dealing slaves markets in this country. Kasraee has also been FBI employee.


     She had made this video to attract the addressee rivetingly in order for the addressees to trust it isn’t made by the most professional groups in the mental wars


     Discovering the undercover of the measures of people like Kasraee and wage-earners like her makes us aware of the issue that the mental advertisements against the Islamic Republic of Iran layered. The addressees must be aware not to be trapped by anti-revolution groups.











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