When the mere way of saving humanity is being introduced as Baha’ism

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Calling the non-Baha’is as ignorant[1], Hussein Ali Nouri has introduced believing in him as the mere way for saving humanity. However, how has Baha’ism stepped on the contrary to its slogan of oneness of humane world although it is believing in the religious pluralism?!

     Hussein Ali Nouri said:

"ان الذی ماشرب من رحیقنا المختوم الذی فککنا ختمه باسمنا القیوم انه ما فاز بانوار التوحید و ما عرف المقصود من کتب الله و کان من المشرکین[2]"

     “A person who doesn’t drink our intact wine which has been opened by our eternal name, he/she won’t be saved by monotheism light and won’t figure out the aim of God’s books and he/she will be of the atheists.”

     He has also claimed:

"طوبی لِمَن وجد عرف المعانی من اثر هذاالقلم الذی اذا تحرکت فاحت نسمه الله فیما سواه و اذا توقف..."[3]

     “Lucky a person who smells the sweet odor of meaning scattered about due to moving this pen! A pen which distributes God’s breeze in the soul and when it stops, it divulges certainty in the world. The source of this great donation is great.”

     Hussein Ali Nouri has considered saving human beings as stipulated on believing in Baha’ism:

1)   How has Baha’ism stepped on the contrary to its slogan concerning the oneness of humane world[4] although it is believing in the religious pluralism?!

2)   How can a made and copied faith which copied after the religious and intellectual schools and is full of contradictions be the agent of salvation?! As valid Ra’fati (one of the Baha’i authors) writes confessing the Baha’ism leaders’ copying their so-called revelation books: “For the first time in the history of the divine religions not only the prophets’ words; but also many exalted sensations and correct ideas and beliefs have been merited to be included as a part of the divine speech.[5]

3)   Although Baha’ism has introduced itself as superior top other creeds and as the mere way to save human beings, it follows the policy of discrimination and sanction against its opponents (A policy which can’t be practicable due to the Baha’is who aren’t in large number) in practice. As the forged prophet of Baha’ism has ordered:

"لاتعاشروا مع الذین کفروبالله و آیاته ثم اجتنوا عن مثل هولاء"[6]

     “Don’t socialize with those who disbelieves God and his sign (Those who didn’t believe in Baha’ism) and avoid them.”

4)   Could Baha’ism which is claiming for distributing the faith breeze by the forged prophet’s pen and enlightening the way for salvation of humanity save the Baha’is (not humanity) at the time of its leaders’ guardianship?! Could it even keep the claimant of prophethood of this cult bound on their statements?[7]


[1] Refer to Hussein Ali Nouri, the collection of the blessed tablets, printed in Egypt, Sa’adat publishing house, 1920 A.D. p. 71.

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[6] Ishraq Khawari, the heavenly food, Bija: the national institute of the faith press, 129 Badi’a, vol. 8, p. 39.

[7] For instance, refer to the article: Politeness in Bahaullah’s view and action!


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