Claiming for the unwise renewal and imitation of commandments by Baha’ism

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 The Baha’i are claiming for the 1400-year commandments of the religion of Islam not to answer the requirements of the modern mankind; while the Baha’i leaders have copied other religions’ ones to use for their forged cult.

     The leader: Contrary to your claim, not only the Baha’ism commandment haven’t been updated; but also the leaders of the Baha’ism cult have copied other religions’ commandments and attributed them to themselves by unwise changes.

     The Baha’i proselytizer: According to Abdul Baha: “The Excellency Bahaullah’s teachings are truly unique. They are the spirit of this era and the light of this century[1].” You would reveal to blot the Baha’i faith if you were able to give an example to reverse this statement.

     The researcher: There will be many examples if you are logical to seek for reality! However; for instance, the issue of Hajj in Baha’ism: As the forged prophet of Baha’ism commands for the necessity of Hajj for his male followers imitating Islam:


"قَدْ حَکَمَ الله لِمَن استطاعَ مِنکم حج البیت دونَ النساء عفی الله عنهن الرَّحمه"

     “Surely, God has predetermined Hajj for those who can afford it; except for women; God overlooked them due to mercy.[2]


     However, the Baha’i leaders considered the Islamic commandments as old and disproportionate with today world. So, how has Mirza Baha imitated Islam and determined two Kaabas for Hajj for his followers one in Shiraz[3] and the other in Baqdad[4]?!

     Isn’t it a kind of contradiction to obstruct a trend and to establish something worse?!


[1] Abbas Effendi, the Sermons, Germany: the national assembly for publishing the Faith works, Bita, Vol. 3, p. 78.

[2] Hussein Ali Nouri, the Aqdas, the electronic copy, p. 28.

[3] Ali Muhammad Bab’s house in Shiraz city as one of the places for the Baha’i Hajj.

[4] Baha’s residing place in Baqdad city as the other place for the Baha’i Hajj.


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