Ali Muhammad Bab before being tried in Tabriz city

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According to the epistle “Razavieh”, Ali Muhammad Shirazi (1263 A.H.) has insisted on his claiming for being the forth pillar by earlier 1264 A.H. so, the above-mentioned documents indicate the deep bond between Sheikism and Babism and using Sheikism creed by Ali Muhammad Shirazi to express his claims gradually.



     According to Karim Kermani’s (the leader of Sheikism in Kerman city) narrating from the forth pillar, Ali Muhammad Shirazi has been a perfect Shiite and a gate for people to be related to Imam of the time (P.H.) during major occultation. He has also received his sciences and learnings in esoteric manner not superficially. This is what was posed by Sheikh Ehsaee and Kazem Rashti for the first time. Of course, the term “the forth pillar” has been invented by Sheikism in Kerman applied by Sheikism venerable old men for this forged concept.[1] However, the Sheikism leaders have rejected that Babism is forerunner of Sheikism. As concluded by studying Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s works, Ali Muhammad has insisted on being the deputy of Imam of the time (P.H.) before he was tried in Tabriz city (in 1264 A.H.). As he has expressed his belief in this issue that Imam of the time (P.H.) is alive and will surely come back.

"واشهد ان قائمهم سلام الله علیه حیّ به قد اقام الله کل شیء..."

     “I testify that Imam of the time (P.H.) is alive and God has established everything because of him… He will come back as God has appointed returning for other Imams. So, God will revive the earth due to his reappearance and will render the atheists’ actions null.[2]

     Now according to Razavieh epistle, page 4, Ali Muhammad Shirazi must have written this epistle in 1263 A.H. because in this epistle Bab names all has issued by him by 1263 A.H. in four books and ten epistles and he doesn’t mention the book Bayan (which had been written by him to abolish Islam) and doesn’t claim newly; but he testifies the existence of all twelve Imams. Of course, there is a letter whose content confirms this issue that Bab has still claimed for Babism since 1260 A.H. to earlier 1264 A.H.


[1] Hajj Abul Qasem Khan Ibrahimi, the glossary of Sheikism venerable old men, the official Website of Kerman Sheikism, p. 94.

[2] Ali Muhammad Shirazi, Razavieh epistle, Bija: Ahle-Bayan publishing house, Bina, p.3.


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