The Baha’ism uproar in Jordan

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On the occasion of the birthday of Ali Muhammad Shirazi known as Bab, the followers of the Baha’ism cult in Jordan created a rackety occasion in Jordan; while the Baha’ism organization attributes its forged prophet of the cult regarding the prohibition of proselytizing in Damascus land for the Israelis. It seems the leaders of the deviant cult weren’t aware of this issue that Jordan belongs to Damascus land! Additionally Darul Efta’a of Jordan has announced Baha’ism apostate.

     The Baha’is celebration ceremony in this country (dated Sunday, 17th of November or Aban, the 27th) caused one of the representative of the country parliament to oppose[1]. Saleh Al-Armouti, the parliament representative opposed the government and asked: How are these people allowed to hold the ceremony especially when Darul Efta’a of Jordan had decreed that Baha’ism isn’t a religion and its followers are apostate.[2]

     The representative of Jordan parliament added that it is necessary for the government to explain is the spiritual center of Baha’ism in Jabal Aman allowed and which people of this cult have occupied the governmental posts in Jordan. How have their birth certificates been issued and what is mentioned in the special part of the form regarding religion and what about their marriage contracts.

     However, the following notes are worthy to be mentioned regarding the boisterous presence and activity of the Baha’is of Jordan country:

1)   According to the stages described by Shoqi Effendi and the Baha’i sectarian teachings, when the Baha’ism organization has participated and been present in an area or country, it has been seeking for gaining power and overthrow the government[3]. So, we can observe that the Baha’i population of Jordan has penetrated into the government for boisterousness!

2)   The Baha’ism organization has in practice showed that it doesn’t bound with the governmental laws and rules of the country in which it lives not only in Iran but also in everywhere in the world contrary to its superficial rules regarding obeying the government[4]. In that vein; contrary to the view of the source of religious authority of Jordan, it has preached its false cult and registered its religion and marriages based on this country’s rules.

3)   Using its lords’ power, the Baha’ism organization has tried to proceed its proselytizing and cultural attack in the first step misusing the ignorance of people in charge of Arabic countries in order to settle its beliefs and then in the nest steps it is seeking to gain power in these countries. For instance, “Tahani Rouhi”, the spokesman of Baha’ism cult in Jordan said answering the question of Dahab radio of this country bin “Al-Dowarul Tase’a” program concerning the freedom of the action of Baha’is in this country: “There isn’t any pressure or tightness on us at all. I can say the people of [Jordan] are possessing formalities…[5]


[1] The news website “Arabic 21”, the news title:

حفل البهائیین فی الارض یثیر جدلا... و تساؤل نیابی(شاهد)

[2] Darul Efta’a of Jordan dated Nov. 7, 1996 A.D. (Jamadiul Thani, 25, 1417 A.H. Judgement No. 39.

[3] Shoqi Effendi, the emergence of the divine justice, p. 32.

[4] Hussein Ali Nouri, the Aqdas (the introduction of the book), the electronic copy, p. 14.

[5] Fars correspondence, the news title: The Baha’i jangled in Jordan, too; dated 1398/9/6.

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