Is the conformity between religion and wisdom a correct action or not?

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The last principle of the 12 ones of Baha'ism is the conformity between religion and science and wisdom. Abdul Baha says in this regard: Religion must be in conformity with wisdom and science and if it isn’t so, it will be undoubtedly illusion.

     Of course, this statement is true because human wisdom has been created by the Almighty God and He is the head of wise men and women. If a rule has been established for the faithful, it will be based on wisdom. However, which wisdom is meant? All of us know that all human beings have intellection power and think; but there are various views and opinions regarding an issue. Even, it is possible for two quite different views to be existed while the owners of these two theses possess intellection powers. Of course, it doesn’t mean that wisdom must be put aside and religion must be adhered. The true religion of Islam invites human beings to think and reason; but reasoning in parts of religion will be useful on the condition that all wisdoms figure it out. The defective wisdom can't figure out the correctness of all parts of religion. It need the perfect wisdom possessed by God and His successors.

     So, what should we do?

     Then, this principle is true but deficient. Religion must be matched by common sense and perfect wisdom.

     Of course, it should be noted that if we want to act this principle in the Baha'ism cult, we must consider several parts of the cult as illusions. Pay attention to the following examples:

1)   Contrary to all scientists' views, Bahaullah believes that cupper will be changed into gold after 70 years. He writes in the book Iqan.

     "For instance, pay attention to copper. It will change into gold after 70 years; although some believe that copper is gold which has been kept away from humidity. (Iqan, p. 410, paragraph165)

2)   In the book Aqdas, Bahaullah has announced the punishment for making a person's house fire as follows:

     "A person who has made another person's house must be made fire."


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