The development of the deviant cults in Iran

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The abolished cults and religions have increased their activities in Iran and some who aren’t aware of the religion of Islam and suspect their beliefs during a night are being attracted them.

     A glance at the current decades of our dear country reveals that Iran has been attacked by many cults and religions.

     Their main aim is destroying Islam and Shiism. In order to achieve their goal, they are spending enormous money in the form of accurate plans.

     Wahhabism has proceeded from the southern Khouzestan and Sistan and Balouchestan. Those who are being attracted to their cults are being supported financially. After a while they become proselytizers of Wahhabism and some have to sell their religions due to extreme poverty and hunger.

     Christianity is also proselytizing its abolished religion and is distributing free books in chief cities of Iran and introduces its religion as the religion of emotion and affection which away from war and bloodshed; as if the religion of Islam is the religion of war and bloodshed which is away from humanity.

     Baha'ism is also proselytizing skillfully. It attracts young people to proselytize; for instance, a Baha'i kid is responsible to study very well and to be polite in elementary school and to take extra notebook, pencil, eraser and even food to school to give them to those who need to pretend the Baha'is are humanitarian.

     The Baha'i youth are discussing about the issues which are attractive for today ones such as freedom, the equality between men and women in order to attract those who aren’t much aware of the religion of Islam.

     On the martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatimah (P.H.), I had traveled to Tehran city. I met some youth who asked me about Baha'ism and its 12 principles. They said they had had classmates in high school who had been Baha'is and had learned them these issues. They emphasized that the Baha'is some words are correct. Why does the Iranian government prevent them to proselytize. When I proved that Baha'ism bears many difficulties and it isn’t a religion but a political cult, they became regretful.

     Today, all Shiites must be alerted and aware to participate at a cultural holy war in order to introduce the pure Muhammadan Islam to the world and to shorten cults and religions hands out of the Islamic countries and lands.

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