Why doesn’t Iran recognize Baha'ism formally?

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The Islamic Republic of Iran doesn't recognize Baha'ism officially and confront it against its proselytizing activities in Iran. If we pay attention to the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran we will realize that the reason is that Baha'ism isn’t basically a religion.

     The religion of Islam is a heavenly one in which mercy and remission is endless. This religion is perfect without any deficiency regarding monotheism, resurrection and the heavenly book. Of course, some have found difficulties but they have tried to weaken the religion of Islam. For this reason, it isn’t needed to resort to force to prove Islam or to prevent proselytizing of other religions. The Almighty God has stated in the Cow chapter, verse 256:

"لااکراه فی الدین قدتبین الرشد من الغی..."

     "There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error…"


     So, it is obvious that Islam doesn't need any violence or repression against other religions for universality.


     Why doesn’t Iran recognize Baha'ism officially?

     Baha'ism creed is political. This cult is deficient and a lot of clear mistakes. The history of the leaders of the cult reveals that it is false creed. Baha'ism has been made just to be active against Iran. It has introduced itself as a divine religion to give itself legitimacy and to gather naive people. The history of Pahlavi era indicates the Baha'is functions at that period of time; because they had gained the pillars of the government in Pahlavi period of time to be in favor of America and to harm Iran. Now, they pretend to be oppressed and express that they are acting the divine orders and creed!

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