Two commandments of Hussein Ali Nouri’s

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Thinking of some commandments issued by Hussein Ali Nouri will make you figure out that Hussein Ali Nouri hasn’t had any convincing reason for issuing commandments and he has issued them just to disagree Islam or to remove Islamic methods and customs out of people’s mind. Consequently, his rebellion against Islam and Muslims can be figured out.


1)   Shaving hair of head

      Baha says in the book “Aqdas”:


"لاتلحقوا روسکم قد زینتها الله بالشعر و فی ذلک لایات لمن تینظر الی مقتضیات الطبیعه من لدن مالک البدیه انه لهو العزیز الحکیم"

     “Don’t shave your head hair because God has beautified your head due to hair. There are signs for a person who looks at nature expediencies in this commandments.[1]


     He narrates from Abdul Baha in the book “the treasury of commandments” : “when hair was created for head, there is certainly a philosophy; so cutting head hair is harmful…[2]


2)   Sitting on pulpit:

     One of the new commandments and customs of the Baha’ism creed is boycotting ascending on pulpits. He says in the book “Aqdas”:


"قد منعتم عن الارتقاء الی المنابر من اراد ان ثتلو علیکم آیات ربه فلیتعد علی الکرسی الموضوع علی السریر."

      “You have been forbidden to sit on pulpit and when a person wants to say to God’s verses, he/she must sit on pulpit.[3]


     The Excellency Mirza hasn’t thought about this issue that there isn’t any difference between pulpit and chair and there won’t be any privilege for the chair.

     If these two commandments are compared with Hussein Ali Nouri’s other verdicts, we will figure out that the Baha’is prophet doesn’t have any problem with pulpit and shaving head hair and the like; but he just wants to set Muslims method, relish and works aside, at least. Consequently, this shows Hussein Ali Nouri’s enmity against Islam and Muslims.


[1] Page 14, line 4.

[2] Page 250.

[3] Page 41, line 8.


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