Late Tonekaboni’s view concerning Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee

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Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee (1166-1242 A.H.) considered the way to achieve the religious knowledge as his relationship with the holy prophet (P.H.) and the holy Imams (peace be upon them) and claimed for having direct relationship with the Shiite holy Imams (peace be upon them). Consequently; in many cases, his method for adducing was different from the Shiite scholars who were adducing their materials to the holy Quran and traditions.

So, late Tonekaboni (the author of the book “the stories of the scholars) who was participated at Sheikh Kazem Rashti’s classes and had observed Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee’s works and writings writes in this regard: Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee says in his position and compilations especially in interpreting the letter of pilgrimage of Jame’h: I heard of Imam Sadeq (P.H.)” or in several positions he says: I heard of Imam Sadeq (P.H.) in face to face manner. He doesn’t mean he had heard of the holy Imam when he was awake; but he means the thing written in other epistle. That epistle has been written by my father’s handwriting. It is written in the epistle: I have been busy undergoing mortification in early time. I dreamed the twelve Imams (peace be upon them) had been gathered in a place. So, I resorted to Imam Hassan Mojtaba (P.H.) and said him to teach me something to make me dream when of you when I have a problem… whenever, I desired to dream one of Imams (peace be upon them), I would dream him to solve my problem.[1]

While the claim for having direct relationships with the holy Imams (peace be upon them) during the occultation era and receiving sciences directly from them have been unwholesome with the philosophy of major occultation and the lack of people’s direct access with the holy Imams (peace be upon them). So, Imam Sadeq (P.H.) has answered the question questioned about Abi Ibn Ka’b:


"کذبوا والله، ان دین الله تبارک و تعالی اعّز مِن ان یری فی النوم"


“I swear by God they are telling a lie. The Almighty God’s religion is more honored and cherished than to be dreamed or proved by dream.[2]


Consequently, it can be said that Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee has questioned the validity of his words by giving up the path of divine law on matters of theology and systematic presumption by the holy book of Quran and Sunnah and turning to claimed revelations and interpretations connected with taste. They made him be excommunicated by the scholars of his era.[3]

Also, Mullah Muhammad Saleh Baraqani (the third martyr’s brother) dreams the holy prophet (P.H.) and asked him about Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee’s blasphemous words. The holy prophet smiled and said: Sheikh Ahmad makes a mistake to say such words.[4]


[1] Muhammad ibn Soleyman Tonekaboni, the scholars’ stories, 1296 A.H. PP: 37-38

[2] Muhammad Baqer Majlesi, Beharul Anwar, Vol. 18, p. 354.

[3] For more study refer to the article: The excommunications of Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee

[4] Muhammad ibn Soleyman Tonekaboni, the stories of scholars, 1296 A.H. P.49.


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