The exaggeration rule: why do we consider Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee’s view towards the holy Imams null?

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One of the other null be life of Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee is his exaggerative view towards Imamate issue and the role of holy imams in creation. According to Sheikh Ahmad’s thought, the holy Imam (peace be upon them) play a role in creation! Ehsaee says:

“When the Almighty God created the holy Imams creatures and they are the creation arms. God elected them. Then, He just created them not create other creature. They worshipped God. Then, He created creatures by their rays. So, for this reason, the holy Imams are the reasons for the creator. Because they are the position for God’s willing. Also, they are maternal reason, because all creatures are for their rays. The holy Imams are the ultimate reason for creatures Because the Almighty God created the creatures just for them and creatures will return to them.[1]” such null and polytheistic view is the forerunner for other thoughts such as divinity claim, the manifestation of God, the penetration of God in people and etc. The holy Imams (peace be upon them) were constantly prevented people from such thoughts and keeping away from such people.

One of the other thoughts of Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee is believing in the existence of Imam of the Time without the elemental body and with Hourqoliaee one. (Hourgolia is a Hebrew word from هبل قرنیم which هبل means war weather, steam and breath and قرنیم means brilliance and ray which all together means steam brilliancy). In his writings, Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee has applied and explained this word repeatedly. Sheikh Abul Qasem Khan Ebrahimi has said in the book “Tanzihul Olia” narrated by Mullah Hadi Sabzewari: Hourqolia is a world which has been created by God. This world is higher than other regions which is called the 8th region.[2] Ehsaee believes that the Excellency Imam of the Time (P.H.) is living in Jableqa and Janersa. He consider Imam as alive in Hourqolia world.[3] Sheikh Ahmad says: “At the time of occultation, Imam of the Time is in Hourqolia world and when he wants to come to the septet regions, he wears one of the faces of this land and nobody knows him. His body, time and place is tenderer than the world of things.[4]” most Shiite scholars believe that this thesis is rejecting the existence of Imam of the Time (P.H.) on the earth. Because if he mean the Excellency Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance) is living in the world of purgatory as they assume grave from Hourqolia world, so Imam of the Time doesn’t possess existence with the elemental body and his existence resembles the dead ones in the world of purgatory. This matter isn’t in conformity with the traditions of “the earth won’t be empty of God’s proof”. For more studies, you can refer the book Montakhabul Athar compiled by the Excellency Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani.


[1] Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee, the interpretation of Jame’h Kabireh letter of pilgrimage, Vol. 1, p. 59.

[2] Dehkhoda dictionary

[3] Muhammad Karim Khan Kermani, Ershadul Awam, p. 151.

[4] Jawameul Kalem, Rashtieh epistle, part 3, p. 100.


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