The old traditional false exaggerations among the misled cults

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One of the old tradition among the misled cults to be kept away from the scene is that they assume high positions for their heads in order for anybody else not to make them attacks and to achieve their ominous aims. Sheikism cult has applied this trick, too. It has promoted its heads such as Rashti to be assumed as Imam and prophet in order to attach identity for itself. In this article, we are trying to investigate parts of exaggerations about Seyyed Kazem Rashti.

1)   In a surprising remark, Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee claims for receiving God’s knowledge by the Almighty God through intermediaries. Karim Khan Kermani writes in this regard: “Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee was said: How would we gain the knowledge if you weren’t accessible. He stated: Refer to Seyyed Kazem Rashti. I have trained him orally. Additionally, I have learned it from the holy Imams (peace be upon them). Moreover, they have been learned by God through in termediaries.[1]

     It is notable that Seyyed Kazem Rashti has cursed the Islamic scholars repeatedly. Additionally, the Shiite scholars didn’t accept him. He has been the agent for the Ottoman government to attack Karbala and massacred the Shiites. He has had a good relationship with the Ottoman government and some people believe that he has been the spy for the Russians. His offspring has had a permanent seat in the Ottoman government.[2]

Ehsaee has also called Rashti as his offspring. He were elevating Rashti’s knowledge rank to such an extent that as if other pupils don’t figure out Sheikh’s materials. Abul Qasem Ebrahimi writes narrated by Ehsaee:

"ولدی کاظم یفهم و غیره لایفهم"

“My offspring Kazem understands while other don’t”[3] Karim Khan has said this remark, the trustful Hajji Seyyed Kazem. Sheikh has repeatedly stated in Yazd city that Seyyed Kazem understands while others don’t.[4] The author of the book “The best deposit” writes to reject Rashti’s works: “Seyyed Rashti possesses many compilations which nobody understands; as if, he is speaking with Indian language; particularly interpretation of sermon and his elegy which is full of puzzle and riddle.[5]

2)   Karim Khan Kermani writes: “As the holy prophet’s (P.H.) prophethood was clarified by miracle and inspiration and Imam Ali’s (P.H.) being executor became clear by the holy prophet’s text and each of the holy Imam’s (peace be upon them) became obvious by the previous Imam’s text, the glory of Seyyed Kazem got clear by Sheikh’s text.[6] Karim Kahn also writes: “Rejecting Seyyed Kazem and rejecting him is rejecting Sheikh And rejecting Sheikh is rejecting the previous scholars and is polytheism.[7]” he claims for Seyyed Kazem to be glory of Hashem family and the master of all dignitaries.[8]

3)   Abul Qasem Ibrahimi is promoting Seyyed Kazem to the position of a prophet and writes: It is narrated by Late Seyyed Muhammad Alousi, Baqdad mufti and the author of Al-Maqamat al-Alousieh who has said: If Seyyed existed in a period of time when it was possible for a prophet to be sent on a mission and claimed for prophethood, I would be the first one who believed in him[9] because its conditions which are science, action, piety and generosity were existent in him.[10]

     A person who is aware of Sheikism cult and its heads will understand that none of these statements are true. They are nothing but rumors.[11]


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