Question: What is the identity of Seyyed Kazem Rashti

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 Seyyed Kazem Rashti is the second leader of Sheikism cult who was quite confirmed by his master Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee. He stayed in Karbala after Sheikh and preached his thoughts. The forth pillar is of the most important beliefs preached by Seyyed after Sheikh. Although there are some phrases in Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee’s words which testify his being pillar[1]; but fostering and preaching this thought have been done by Seyyed. Ali Muhammad Bab has also been Rashti’s pupil who ran Babism cult.[2]

Studying the evolutional trend of Sheikism will indicate this note that if Seyyed Kazem Rahsti weren’t existent, this ominous branching wouldn’t be done in Shiism and people such as Ali Muhammad Shirazi and Hussein Ali Baha and the emergence of deviant cults such as Babism and Baha’ism and the emergence of claims such as prophethood, Imamte and divinity weren’t been expanded among people.

As evident by the history, Rashti’s character isn’t clear for us; but we must be familiar with him. Because many questions can be answered by identifying the leaders of deviating movement; particularly, Seyyed Kazem Rashti has had good relationships with the enemies of Islam and repulsive behavior with Shiism dignitaries.

Historical reports concerning Seyyed Kazem Rashti’s character has started when Seyyed became familiar with Sheikh and accompanied him when Seyyed has been nearly 15 years of age[3]. However; before this period of time, Seyyed’s identity has been unknown for the historians especially concerning during of time when Seyyed hadn’t been familiar with Sheikh yet. Two historical report has been recorded:

1)   Some people such as Abul Qasem Ibrahimi (the forth head of Sheikism cult of Kerman) considers Seyyed Kazem as of Husseini Seyyeds of Medina whose ancestors have immigrated to Rasht city. He has been born and grown up in this city and started his scientific course from Iran. In his book Ibrahimi writes: “Seyyed Qasem, Seyyed Kazem’s father has been of the wealthy of Rasht city and the offspring of Seyyed Ahmad. His ancestors have been from medina who have returned to Gilan.[4]

     It should be said criticizing the claim: Why hasn’t a report been recorded in history and why don’t anybody from his family members know him if Seyyed Kazem’s ancestors have come to Rasht? Is it possible for a person who lives and grows up in a city; but no sign of him and his family and relatives exists.

2)   Several people consider Seyyed Kazem to be from Vladivostok city, Russia[5] who entered into Iraq cities as spy fulfilling the Ottoman Emperor aims and spying for the Russians.

     It is written in some references that: “Seyyed Kazem has been an unknown man who has arrived at Karbala city ordered by Sheikh. He has spent money too much that no businessmen were able to do. He had a complete relationships with Iraqi rulers and governors. Some non-Sheiki resources introduce Seyyed as the Russian spy from Vladivostok one of Russian cities. Many researchers confess about Seyyed to be unknown and even consider him as the agent of Colonialism.[6]



[1] For more studies Refer to the article: Babism claim in Ehsaee’s speech

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[6] Ibid.


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