How is the Baha’ism Hajj?!

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The most wonderful wisdom existing in Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) is the feeling of unity and affinity created by Islam. The scholar, ignorant, young, old, man, woman, black and white are going, running, sitting and standing up. The jumping, roaring, going, coming, rotating are being done in one direction and in one line and orbit who is Allah and Allah is the greatest. (Nahjul Balagheh, explained and interpreted by the great scholar Muhammad Taqi Ja’fari –God bless him- volume 2, p. 227)

Mr. Qara’ati has written in Nour interpretation of the holy Quran: “we said the most important dimensions of pilgrimage to Mecca philosophy is keeping memoirs and services of the following prophets alive –Ibraham (P.H.), Esmail (P.H.), the holy prophet (P.H.) and pilgrimage to Mecca is the center of Muslims international gatherings and is also the credit for Muslim economy and creating jobs for dozens of thousands of Muslims. Pilgrimage to Mecca is the best opportunity and time for repentance, mentioning death and resurrection, quitting everything and observing Arafat and Masha’r deserts and waiting for the republic of the promised one of Islam (May God hasten his reappearance.) (Nour interpretation, Tehran 1381 S.H. Vol. 8, p. 33)

The following statement is said by Bahaullah in the book Aqdas, the holy book of Baha’is. You can judge:

“This worship is being dome on the condition that you ca afford it physically and financially. It is visiting Seyyed Ali Muhammad Bab in Shiraz or Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri’s one in Baqdad as a pilgrim.

Bahaullah has said in the paragraph 33 of the book Aqdas: This trip is necessary for men and women who consist half of the society are exempted. Hajj hasn’t been done in a definite time or season and is being done in these two places.”


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