Sheikism: obeying the oppressive resemble obeying God

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Violating the principle of friendship and exoneration principle, the leader of Sheikism of Kerman has directed Muslims towards oppression: HE has considered obeying the oppressive as obeying God! While, according to his thesis, the scholars and disciples who confronted the oppressive will be lewd ones. Even, the legitimacy of three caliphs and Yazid ibn Mo’awieh will be proved!

Sheikism has called its followers to obey the oppressive. He has considered obeying the oppressive as similar to God’s obedience:

“Their opposition (the powerful governments) is illegitimate and must be avoided. Your will must be subordinated with God’s one. You must wasn’t as He wants and you must endear as He endears… In brief, obeying each ruler is necessary as much as his dominance: For instance, praying fasting. There will be no doubt. This is God’s obedience[1].”

The answer to Sheikism leader’s approach:

1)   Regarding Karim Khan’s claim, didn’t the scholars and clergymen whom he has considered them to be obeyed[2] fight with the evil-doers of their time (such as the Russian and British Colonialism?! Are such honorable scholars who revolted for the honor of Islam and Muslims lewd based on Sheikism view?! Most importantly what about the disciples such as Abouzar, Salman and etc. who preserved against the Excellency Ali’s (P.H.) right usurpation?! Are they lewd based on Sheikism view?!

2)   According to Sheikism leaders’ view, the caliphate of 3 caliphs and even Yazid have been legitimate and the resistance of imam Ali (P.H.) and Imam Hussein against them have been illegitimate!

3)   Is it compatible with wisdom to be said Imam of the Time (May God hasten his reappearance), God’s caliph and the remover of tyranny asks for evil doer survival and for Islam to be destroyed?!

4)   What have been Sheikism leaders’ reason and logic for considering the obedience of the oppressive as similar to obeying God while the Almighty God has prevented Muslims to be accompanied with the tyrants:


"ولا تَرکنوا الی الذین ظلموا فتمسّکم النار وَ ما لَکُمْ مِنْ دون الله مِنْ اَولیاءَ ثُمَّ لا تنصرون (هود/113)

“And incline not toward those who do wrong lest the Fire touch you, and ye have no protecting friends against Allah, and afterward ye would not be helped [Al-Hud/113]


[1] Muhammad Karim Khan Kermani, Azhaqul Batel epistle, Kerman: Sa’adat publishing house, 1392 A.H. pp. 164-177.

[2] Refer to: Muhammad Karim Khan Kermani, Hedayatuttalebin, Kerman: Bina, 1380 A.H., p. 180.


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