How are the Baha’ism heads living in Tehran city?

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After the victory of revolution and passing more than 40 years, the deviant cult of Baha’ism is trying to show the real face of Islamic republic of Iran differently supported by the related media services ordered by the enemies of Islamic Revolution. It shouldn’t be forgotten that this movement considers Baha’is captures related to their beliefs; although the Islamic Republic and relevant foundations have reflected capture data; but the cult and its organization are following this issue that the Iranian Baha’is have been tyrannized and aren’t considered as the Iranian citizens. The alien media are trying to say these people’s captures are due to their beliefs (being Baha’is).

The following photos have been recently published in the cyberspace related to splendid building belonged to the heads of Baha’ism cult in Tehran city (Evin St and Moqaddas Ardebili St.) which indicate that they have provided aristocratic lives for themselves in Iran supported by the universal house of justice financially. It is interesting to be noted that these Zionist agents are introducing themselves as supporters of the weak and the wounded. Knees in their sectarian advertisements.



The photos of Alauddin Khanjani’s house, entitled “Niki” show that these people are living in tranquility in these hard economic conditions and proselytize for Baha’ism. Of course, they are busy smuggling goods and illegal economic and political activities.

The Baha’i criminals are always being called as oppressed by the alien media and their captures are being announced just for being Baha’is; while the members of Baha’ism cult are spying in Iran and doing illegal economic activities.



The members of Baha’ism cult are doing illegal activities contrary to media propaganda and being deviated theologically. They are being arrested not because of their beliefs; but due to their illegitimate political and economic activities.


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