Sheikism in the path of separation

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Contrary to the religion of Islam order concerning preserving unity as the greatest worship, the Sheikism leaders separated itself out of Shiite. Abul Qasem Ibrahimi gave negative answer to late Falsafi and didn’t accept unity and selected the name of Sheikhi for himself and his followers. They created new branches by establishing theological innovations.

Unity is of the greatest orders of religion of Islam. The holy prophet (peace be upon him) and the holy Imams (peace be upon them) were stressing this issue very much. Due to their sectarian aims and stressing on religious concepts and misusing it, Sheikism dignitaries separated from Shiism and created new branching when late Falsafi (P.H.) went to Kerman city to visit Abul Qasem Ibrahimi as the fifth successor of Ehsaee in order to bridge the gap between Sheikism followers and Shiites, he wasn’t successful because Sheikism scholars insisted on separation and branching.[1]

Sheikism scholars are glorying on being recognized by the name of Sheikhi and are commemorating the name of Sheikhi in their works. Ibrahimi writes: “The name Sheikhi has been an ornament for us. Thanks Go. We are satisfied with this name. As a matter of fact, this name is nothing but the meaning of real Muslim.[2]” in the book “Hedayatul Talebin, Karim Khan Kermani has said so[3] to such an extent that Henry Corbin confesses these matters as one of the orientalists who is in favor of Sheikism.[4]


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[4] Hanry Corbin, Sheikism school from the Shiite divine wisdom, the electronic copy, p. 56.


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