Why are the Baha’is misled and unclean?

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Babism and Baha’ism heads, Ali Muhammad Bab and Hussein Ali Nouri (Bahaullah) claimed for being the gate for Imam of the Time (P.H.) first, and then claimed for being Imam of the Time next they claimed for prophethood and even they claimed for divinity!!! So that, they considered themselves as “the old origin” and “the glorious lord” and assumed the earth and the sky created by their powerful hands; but it is better to say created by the sound of their pens!!! For these fictitious beliefs, they are polytheists and unclean.

Depending on these superstitions and fictitious matters, they massacred Muslims in Zanjan, Tabriz, Yazd and Mazandaran villages as the painful events of the contemporary history. For this reason, Amir the great eradicated all Babi and Baha’i heads. Of course, he was targeted by enmity and cursing of this deviant cult. He was even killed due to this faithful campaign…

The center for Baha’ism organization is now located at Heyfa (occupied Palestine) and the Zionistic regime is the most supporter of them.



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