The investigation of 40-year life of Baha’ism in the book “Baha’ism in Azerbaijan”

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 In order to explain the role of Baha’ism in the Iranian contemporary history, the center for Islamic Revolution documents has offered a book called “Baha’ism in Azerbaijan” to investigate the political life of this cult during 40 years, since 1320 to 1360.

The increasing activities and expansion of Baha’ism cult during Pahlavi periods of time included political, economic and social dimensions. The influence of Baha’ism in the pillars of Pahlavi government in the highest levels which included the prime minister, ministers and even special physician of Shah provided them as opportunity to proselytize for their platform and to provide material opportunities and numerous positions for themselves.

It is written in the book: “The political cult of Baha’ism was active in the farthest parts of Iran but it was particular in Azerbaijan due to its diversity of Iranian tribes, geographic position and religious situations. So, the activity of Baha’ism cult has been investigated in this documental research.”

The book “Baha’ism in Azerbaijan” consists of two parts: 1) Being familiar with Baha’ism, background and the leaders of the cult, 2) The memoirs of the Baha’i proselytizers, existed documents, method of expansion of Baha’ism in Azerbaijan since Abdul Baha’s period of time to the end of Pahlavi regime lifetime.

It is stated in the book: “…The Baha’is of Sysan were three times more than Muslims. They had social intercourses. Most of our neighbors were Baha’is. They were participating at their occasions good or bad. They even got married with each other… Based on the assembly of Baha’is of Tabriz city, several physicians went to Sysan to cure Baha’i and Muslim patients…”



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