The first orator innovation!

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 One of the innovations of Sheikism school is the first orator. The Sheikhs of Kerman Sheikism gave this innovation religious coloration after creating the first orator innovation in order to invite the religious people to obey the first orator and also to dominate on the religious government in this way. The aim of all divine prophets; they believe, is the existence of such first orators among the faithful.

Misusing religious concepts by some has been observed across history. The dignitaries of Sheikism cult created the innovation of first orator in order to achieve their goals in the religious government. One of the exaggerated behaviors of Sheikhs of Kerman Sheikism concerning the first orator was that they introduced it as the aim of all divine prophets and believed that the aim of all divine prophets was the existence of the first orator among the faithful. Abul Qasem Ibrahimi, the fifth successor of Ehsaee writes: “The aim if prophet and the holy Imams (peace be upon them) and also the aim of all divine prophets have been the existence of such people among the faithful.[1]” Muhammad Khan Kermani has also imagined such special position for the first orator.[2]

It can be said that: “Sheikism scholars are going to have a religious and spiritual position in order to invite their followers and other people to obey the first orator unquestionably and to achieve their goals.


[1] Abul Qasem Ibrahimi, Fehrest, the electronic copy, Vol. 1, p. 87.

[2] Refer to Muhammad Khan Kermani, Ishaqieh epistle, the electronic copy, p. 200 on.


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