New Baha’ism

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Written by: Ibrahim Fayyaz






 Baha’ism is an Iranian modernism cult which has been made by the European modern government called England. So, Baha’ism is a forged western religion in the east. Thus, this religion is the cultural prestige of the westerners

Baha’ism religion started from the interpretation of Shiism religion in Iran; that is, the Shiite Protestantism because Protestantism id the interpretation of the New Testament (the Bible) along with The Old Testament which was created centralized by “German nationalism”. For this reason, the insight of Jewish interpretation is linking with the structure of German kingdom. The Protestantism school is being formed in Germany and Baha’ism is exploiting the category of Iranian nationalism.

The most important element of Protestantism is the religious individuality. That is, the separation of insight from the religious organization and the Catholic Christian spirituality which will eventually end in a kind of individual religiousness. In Baha’ism such individuality climaxes: The religious individuality and depending on individual and gnostic inspirations caused them to be in silence temples. The foreign policy of England is in world level. The proximity of Baha’ism and the Jewish world organization is worthy to be investigated in this insight framework. (The central temple of Baha’ism is in Heyfa, Israel). In Judaism, the real Christ will be emerged in Apocalypse; but according to Christianity, Jesus Christ is in heaven by the time of emergence.

In Islamic world, Shiism believes in the bountiful existence of the holy Imams (peace be upon them) in the presence and absence which is said “guardianship”. So, Shiism is near to Christianity and Sunnism is near to Judaism.

New Baha’ism possesses special rudiments.

1)   Negation of Shiite wisdom and seeking asylum to Jewish wisdom.

2)   Believing in the separation between the Quranic words and meanings

3)   Negation of absent and present Imamate

4)   Creating necessary means for insight Judaism to create Anglo-Saxon universal thesis

5)   The religious insight policy for accepting Liberalist universality thoughts of Anglo-Saxon


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