Ehsaee’s null look at the holy Imams (peace be upon them)

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One the null beliefs of Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee is his exaggerative view concerning the issue of Imamate and the role of the holy Imams in creation. According to Sheikh Ahmad’s view, the holy Imams (peace be upon them) play roles in creation! Ehsaee says: “When the Almighty God created the holy Imams, He allowed them to create other creatures. According to Sheikh Ahmad’s view, the holy Imam are the gates toward the creatures and they are the arms of creation. God elected them; then, they were worshiping God when there wasn’t any creature. They were worshipping, praising, admiring His majesty and greatness for thousand times. Then He created the creatures by their rays of lights. For this reason, the holy Imams are the reason for agent because they are position for God’s will. Also, they are the materialistic because all creatures have been created by their light rays…[1]

Such a exaggerative and null view is mixed with polytheism. It is the forerunner of other thoughts such as divinity and the penetration of God in people and etc. The holy Imams have repeatedly rejected such thoughts and people and have avoided those who have had such views.

One of the other thoughts of Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee is believing in the existence of Imam of the Time without body and with Hour Qoliya body (Hour Qoliya is a Hebrew word which means warm air, steam, breath and ray. This compound noun means steam radiation). Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee has repeatedly used this word in his writings and explained it. In the book “Tanzihul Ouliya, Sheikh Abul Qasem Ibrahimi says narrated by Mulla Hadi Sabzewari: “Hour Qoliya is a world of the worlds which is created by God. Hour Qoliya world is higher than this region. It is called the 8th one.[2]

Ehsaee believes that Imam of the Time is living in Jabolqa/ Jabersa city with Hour Qoliya body. He is alive[3]. Sheikh Ahmad says: At the time of occultation Imam of the Time is in Hour Qoliya world. His body, time and place is tenderer than thing world.[4]” According to most Shiite scholar, this thesis is rejecting the existence of Imam of the Time (May Allah hasten his reappearance) on the earth.

According to definite texts, the Promised Mahdi is living in the earthly world and continues his natural life by the time when he will be emerged based on the divine will.


[1] Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee, the explanation of Jame’h Kabireh letter of pilgrimage, Vol. 1, p. 59.

[2] Dehkhoda dictionary

[3] Muhammad Karim Khan Kermani, Ershadul Oloum, p. 151.

[4] Jawameul Kalem, Rashtiyeh epistle, part 3, p. 100.


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