Indecent title for the forged prophets of Babism and Baha’ism

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Baha’is, Babis and Azalis must pay attention to this issue that the accusations, insults which have been bestowed to them haven’t been said by the opponents of Babism, Baha’ism and Azalism but they have been said by the leaders of two groups of Azali and Baha’i.

After Colonialism became successful in disuniting among Najaf scholars and creating Sheikism cult, it could create Bab’ism in Sheikism[1].

After Hussein Ali Nouri announced he had been the successor and the one whom God will manifest in Baqdad garden, there would be differences among the Babis who had been dispatched and exiled from Iran to Adreneh because everybody considered Mirza Yahya Nouri as the legal executor of Bab and Hussein Ali Nouri could dominate on his brother with dishonesty.

In such circumstance the Babis differed and a group considered Mirza Yahya Sobhi Azal as the legal executor of Bab and were called Azalis and another group accepted Bahaullah as the one whom God will manifest and called Dayyani

A group considered Mullah Muhammad Ali Barforoushi as the superior to others and were called Qoddousi, too. Another group resorted to the book Bayan that was called Bayani[2].

The most important note is that the quarrel between Mirza Yahya and Mirza Hussein Ali didn’t just cause differences among Babis; but numorous fightings occurred among Babis and a lot of massacres happened.[3]

Hussein Ali Nouri and Mirza Yahya Sobhi Azal entitled themselves as OX, donkey, calf, snake, fly, roach and etc.[4]

Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri confesses that his brother Sobhi Azal has raped the second wife of Bab after his execution[5]. Mirza Hussein Ali’s statements caused the second wife of Bab to be known as the mother of all prostitutes[6].

Mirza Hussein Ali introduced Yahya Sobhi Azal as the vassalage of Turks and the English[7] and said:

“It is definite that Azal has been busy drinking alcohol and raping virgins and the actions that are shameful for me to mention.[8]


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