The consequence of a false reading which ended in a deviant thought

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 In order to set the Islamic commandments aside and to replace the ones issued by himself, Seyyed Bab declares that this book is form Imam of the Time (P.H.). Because he knew well that his commandments wouldn’t be trustable even among his followers.

In order to prove their claims, Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee and Seyyed Kazem Rashti used their relationships with Imam of the Time (P.H.).

Mirza says: Most astronomers predict the emergence of the star in the sky and also predict the emergence of two luminary lights Ahmad and Kazem in the earth.[1]

Seyyed Bab says:


یا اهل الارض انی قد نزلت علیکم الابواب فی غیبتی (منظور غیب حضرت حجت علیه السلام است ، چون این کتاب از جانب او نازل شده است) و لا تتبعونهم من المومنین الا قلیل و لقد ارسلت علیکم فی الازمنة الماضیة احمد و فی الازمنة القریبة کاظما فلا تتبعوهما الا المخلصون منکم، فما لکم یا اهل الاکتاب الا تخافوا من الله الحق مولیکم القدیم ... فیا ایها المومنون اقسمکم بالله الحق فهل وجدتم من هولاء الابواب حکما من دون حکم الله حکم الکتاب هذا فیغرنکم العلم بکفرکم فارتقبوا فان الله مولیکم الحق معکم علی الحق رقیبا ... الخ.[2]

He is narrating from Imam of the Time that I sent several ambassadors during occultation days and a few people obeyed. I sent Ehsaee in the past and Seyyed Kazem now and the devoted people obeyed these two ones. What’s wrong you don’t obey the right.


In the forth Zohorul Haqq, Seyyed Bab writes:


و ان ما کتبت بان باب الامام علیه السلام لابد ان یکون مرآتا له فهو حق لاریب فیه، کما ان الامام علیه السلام هو مرآت الله جل جلاله ... و ان ما کتبت ان السید رحمة الله علیه ما ادعی حکم الذی انا ادعیت و لذا لم یظهر منه خوارق العادات فقد اشتبه الامر علیک و سمعت قوله فی کثیر من الاوقات- و ایاک و اسم العامریة اننی اخاف علیها من فم المتکلم اما سمعت قوله فی حق من یجیء بعده بتلک الاشعار فی کثیر من الاوقات: یا صغیر السن یا رطب البدن، یا قریب العهد من شرب اللبن ... الخ. [3]

What you had written about Imam’s gate to be Imam’s mirror is right and there is no doubt in it because it is necessary for Imam himself to be God’s mirror; but what you had written that Seyyed Rashti didn’t have any claim like me and no miracle has been seen by him is definitely false. I myself have heard him saying: Avoid to say the name of a sweetheart because I am afraid of this action.


Several notes must be mentioned here:

1)   Sheikh Ehsaee and Seyyed Rashti who are the forerunners of Bab have written against this matter in their writings such as declaring the finality of the holy prophet.

2)   Seyyed Bab declares: Both Ehsaee and Rashti are the gates for Imam of the Time (P.H.); but few people obeyed and became familiar with their positions.

3)   Because Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee and Seyyed Kazem Rahsti possess the title of gates; so they are Imam’s mirrors; but Seyyed Bab have been Imam’s mirror for some years. After several years when he advanced from being gate, he became Imam and then became prophet.

4)   Seyyed Rashti’s claim didn’t become clear well. Babism is certain. The highest point of his claim is prophethood and divinity positions[4].

Consequently, Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee and Seyyed Kazem Rashti reject Seyyed Bab and Mirza Baha’s claims by proving the continuity of the religion of Islam. Additionally, Seyyed Bab and Mirza Baha foil Ehsaee and Rashti’s false aims and troubles by posing a new creed and announcing Islam as excommunicated.



[1] The Iqan (6-41)

[2] The best stories, chapter 27.

[3] The forth Zohoroul Haqq, p. 14.

[4] The trial and investigation of Bab and Baha, Vol. 3, pp. 152-155.


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