The ominous contract between Wahhabism network and the agents of the deviant cult of Baha’ism

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Proselytizing superstitious beliefs and expanding the influence of the deviant cult of Baha’ism organization are really important to such an extent that; for instance in 1386 S.H., nearly 400 internet site in the world were busy proselytizing Baha’ism organization.[1]

These media have tried and try to create suspicion and to destroy real Shiite beliefs such as Mahdism in order to disarm Israel opponents using psychological warfare. This approach of the organization of the deviant cult of Baha’ism has caused for supportive bond to be created between other Wahhabi deviant cults and them as Abdul Fattah Khedmati, the Wahhabi mufti of Kalemeh network has explicitly confessed confederacy with them when a viewer asks Abdul Fattah Kehdmati about the Shiites, he ruler for excommunication and apostasy while when it is asked about the Baha’is, he announces: These questions are being asked for disunity!!!

There isn’t any relationship between person and God in Baha’ism; because there isn’t God in the deviant cult; so Baha’s grave is being worshipped by the members. It is interesting to be noted that Wahhabis such as Khedmati has elected Baha’is as partners although they worship Bab and Baha’s graves while he excommunicates Shiites due to visit holy Imam’s Shrines as pilgrims (It is clear that visiting as a pilgrim is different and apart from worshipping).

This method of Baha’is and Wahhabis shows that these two movements have been made to disunite among Shiites and to weaken pure Islam. The remarkable note is that the agents of the deviant cult of Baha’ism have shared with each other.


[1] Evil supporters, the background of Baha’ism function and its running about in the contemporary world against Islam and Iran, p. 14; narrated from Keyhan newspaper, Wednesday, Day, 19, 1386 S.H., p. 8)


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