Historical investigation: Baha’ism in Sharerey, Tehran

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 Babi and Baha’i groups are of the religious cults which were created by the Colonialists in order to create deviation in the Islamic pure and original thoughts and to fight with clergymen who were fighting against aliens’ domination on the Iranian Islamic community land and fate.

Bab and Baha’s sedition are of the fundamental plots planned during Qajar period of time to hurt Islam particularly Shiism by the Colonial centers; clergymen such as Ayatollah Broujerdi and Mr. Falsafi confronted them.

Hojjatul Islam Zamani was of the old clergymen residing Shahrerey and decided to confront the deviant cult of Baha’ism observing the expansion of Baha’is activities and proselytizing in villages nearby Shahrerey. He performed effective and remarkable measures in this regard. Once, he went to one of the villages nearby Shahrerey along with Mr. Naseri who was a bookkeeper in Shahrerey. He observed that Mr. Naseri was mentioning the name of Imam of the Time (P.H.) very much. He asked about this issue. He was answered: The girl’s father is a Baha’i; but the girl was Muslim. He was also answered: In this village, each family possesses three religions. The mother is Aliullahi, the father is a Baha’i and their offspring is Muslim or wandering.


Sending missionary to Shahreray villages:

The clergyman Zamani decided to send missionary to villages. He went to those villages once a week along with Hajj Ziya’ Tabatabaee. The clergyman Zamani explains: “There were five lords in Hassan Abad which is located beyond Abulhassan holy shrine out of whom four were Baha’i and one was Muslim. Once the Baha’is threw Muslims’ furniture out of the castle. A young man came to our meeting and said:

Sir, come to our house for meeting, too. I said: ok. We went there as we promised and saw he wasn’t. He had gone to wedding ceremony in Tehran city. Inevitably, we came back to Ja’far Abad.


Taking land to build a mosque

He came to us once again and invited. Once a week, we went there for meeting at night. There were two vaulted rooms in his house and a hall fitted for just a man to cross. We were turning up the lanterns and put in the middle of way. Women were sitting in one side and men in the other side, too. We continued the meeting in this way. After a while, we said to their overseer: Can we find a land here to build a masque or a for our meetings. He said: One of the lords is Muslim and has died his wife is living abroad now. When she comes back, I’ll tell her. I said: Inform us when she came back to take a piece of land. Once she came, I’ll said her the case. She said: I’ll give you a piece of land out of the castle to build a masque. It was nearly 300 meters.


People’s aid for building mosque

The Baha’is became aware of the issue and said to the women: There will be differences. We would give land to them if it was to give land to them. Our lands are more than you.

So, we collected some money in the market. Ja’far’s son who was tea-shop keeper gave us 30 Tumans. Hajj Yadullah Tamaddon who was one of our friends and had a shoestore in Shahreray gave us lime. Mr. Azimi who was a taxi driver collected some money given by the passengers. We built the mosque and called it Hojjatiyeh.


Source: The book Islamic revolution in Shahrerey (Vol. 1), the center for documents of Islamic revolution


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