Removing prejudices is the strategy of Baha to attract the followers

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 In order to proselytize and recruit, Hussein Ali Nouri has preached carelessness in his creed including the freedom given to his followers and removing prejudices. It shows that the Baha’is mustn’t try to preach their creed.

Abdul Baha says: “Bahaullah’s teachings include the religious, sexual, political, economic and homespun prejudices which destroy the basis of humanity.[1]

However, the economic prejudice is obvious. The more the relationships between nations increase, the more public interests become clear.[2] The new teachings include removing religious, sexual and political prejudices[3]. It should be tried for irrational people to be gotten rid of ignorant religious, sexual, economic and even homespun prejudices…[4]

So, according to the new teachings, it is necessary:

1)   For the people not to be interested in the religion they have selected and to disagree with null religions.

2)   For people to be interested in hometown they are living.

3)   For a nation to be bound with a definite policy.

4)   For people not in favor of the economy of a country or nation extremely.

5)   For the followers of various religions to be bigoted with each other.

6)   For people to set tribal and sexual prejudices aside.

Consequently; according to the new teaching: An Iranian person shouldn’t step on the development of Iran and a Muslim mustn’t be interested in Islam religion.

Meanwhile, the prophet of 19th century has wanted to say something to attract incontinent people; but he has been unaware of the fact that the absolute freedom will destroy the basis of humanity, civilization, reality, spirituality, prosperity, progress and equality.[5]


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