Why did the Baha’is change their leaders’ birthday from the solar calendar to the lunar one?

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 A woman freed from the Baha’ism organization said: The Baha’is have changed their leaders’ date of birth from the solar calendar to the lunar one and have defined it as the first and second of the lunar month of Moharram. Every year, during these days they are celebrating and dancing.

Fatima Mohabbati, one of the women freed from the Baha’ism organization said in a news meeting that Baha’ism is not a religion; but it is a cult. The people supported by the cult are doing their activities under the organizational supervision. The organization which is claiming for freedom of thought and speech.

He pointed out the organization aims and added: Baha’ism is a cult whose aim is to destroy the religion of Islam. The deviant cult is performing every action to achieve its goal supported by Israel organization.

Mohabbati stated: Dividing the days of year without any special rule is one their weapons; so that they changed Ali Muhammad Bab and Hussein Ali Nouri’s dates of birth from solar to lunar and defined them to first and second of the lunar month of Moharram and every year they are busy dancing and celebrating.

Stating that the members of the deviant cult of Baha’ism are perking the mourning of Imam Hussein as unimportant and are doing every measure to achieve the goal. The Baha’i organization is ordering young girls to enter into mourning assemblies of Imam Hussein (P.H.) in order to destroy the holiness of Imam Hussein (P.H.).

She stated: The movements related to the organization came to streets during 1388 riots and danced and made some mourning panels fire. So, some of these people were arrested by the police and were imprisoned. The arrested people had been ordered by the universal house of justice.

Eventually, Mohabbati pointed out the organization which is being collapsed and said: Today, Israel is collapsing and destroying. Surely, the organization will be destroyed by collapsing Israel. So, the offspring of Baha’ism is using the remained opportunity to turn back to Islam arm in order not to be sustained damage.


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