Visiting God based on Bahaullah’s view

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Some Bahaullah’s teachings are using and misusing divine prophets’ teachings and some Bahaullah’s teachings are contradictory with the divine prophets’ ones; because Bahaullah considers divinity and prophethood positions for himself; but the divine prophets speak about God who doesn’t possess body.

The Excellency Mirza thinks that the Al-mighty God has sat at the iron skied and nobody can achieve Him.

The Excellency imagines that the messengers have been sent for some idols to be created between creatures and the Creator.

The Excellency Mirza hasn’t thought that visiting God is one of the high positions for those who have achieved the spiritual joys.

فمن کان یرجو لقاء ربه فلیعمل عملاً صالحاً ولا یشرک بعباده ربه احداً

However; to Mirza, human being must be atheist in the first step and consider a meditator (That is Mirza god) between God and him/her.




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