Hypocrisy is the means of deception in Baha’ism

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Like Bab, Baha have said various words, declarations and invitations. When he encountered and illiterate pious man he spoke about Imam of the Time in order to make his mind confusing and to turn it to himself.

It is worthy for a human being to speak with another person based on his/her education and understanding; so that, the addressee figures out completely. However, it is not good for human word to be figured out just by the addressee when Baha encountered a reformist or open-minded person, he spoke about reform and the necessity for a great reformist to be emerged and introduced himself as the very reformist. Additionally, when he encountered with one of his naïve followers he shouted his delicate call in the earth and heaven. When he sat with a Sunni person who didn’t believe in Imam of the Time (P.H.), he pretended to be in favor of Islam.

It is also said about Abdul Baha that he pretended to be Muslim in Egypt among the scholars and scientists. He even participated in Muslim group prayers and the Friday prayer. His action was contrary to Baha’ism orders and commandments!!!


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