Bahaullah’s wish that didn’t and won’t come true

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The greatest court and public peace was a dream for Mirza Baha. It was also a slogan to attract several people because it was superficially beautiful.

The removal of religious prejudices is one of the principles of Baha’ism. In order to strengthen this issue, Mirza Baha resorted to another pretext. He invited people to unity and solitary by forming the greatest court and gaining the public peace and nullified nations and religions privileges.

Abdul Baha says: The issue of the public peace, the Excellency Bahaullah says a greatest court must be formed because although the population of nations has been formed; but it can’t manage the public peace…[1] That is, each government’s parliament must elect two or three elites who are aware of all international laws… and a greatest court must be formed…[2] The announcement of public peace is of the teachings[3]. An assembly must be formed by these representatives and a greatest court must be established in order for all important cases and the great problems to be solved in order for the rudiment of war to be destroyed and the humane world gets rid of this stigma.[4]

He has also said in the book “Ishraqat”: We ordered the greatest peace for all people. The kings of the world must resort to this great issue…[5]

The Excellency Mirza imagined that the differences will be solved by establishing the4 greatest court and gathering nations elected people.

For instance, is it possible for all nations to live under the same law and to be united if it is negotiated about the following issue in that general assembly: The oneness of language, government, religion, temples, religious source of authority, the heavenly prophet, the heavenly book, creed and political system of government and the like?



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