The contradiction between principles and behaviors in Baha'ism Can women become the guardian of the faith in Baha'ism?

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 Contrary to the slogan of the equality between men and women shouted in Baha'ism, the Baha'is are deprived of participating at the highest pillars of the leadership of the cult including the position of the guardian of the faith. However, the Baha'is may justify that the guardian of the faith suspended due to Shoqi Effendi's unfruitfulness. This justification will question the divinity of the Baha'i leaders.

The Baha'is claim: One of the twelve principles of Baha'is which is new is the equality between men and women as the condition for prosperity to be achieved by human being: "The tenth teaching of the Excellency Bahaullah is the equality between men and women… The prosperity of human world can't be quite achieved without the equality between men and women.[1]"

Answering to the claim: contrary to the slogan and based on the rules by the Baha'ism leaders, why are the highest members and leaders of the Baha'ism organization (including the guardian of the faith who is the chairman of the male members of the universal house of justice) from men?! As according to the will attributed to Abdul Baha he has considered Shoqi Effendi as the first guardian of the faith and the guardians of the faith are from the male offspring

"وَ مِن بَعدِهِ بکراً بَعد بکر"

"After the guardian of the faith, the sons of his generation will be his successors.[2]"

[1] Abbas Effendi, the Sermons, Germany, the national assembly of publishing the faith works, 127 Badi'a, Vol. 2, pp. 149-150.

[2] Refer to Abbas Effendi, the will tablets, the national assembly of the Baha'is of Pakistan Sterling publishing house, Nov. 1960, pp. 11-12.

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