The Baha’i commandment-part 10 kissing hand is illegitimate

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 Hussein Ali Nouri has said in the Aqdas:

"قد حرم علیکم تقبیلب الایادی فی الکتاب هذا ما نهیتم عنه من لدن ربکم العزیز الحکام"

It is illegitimate for you to kiss the hands. You have been avoided by God who is honored[1].”

It is allowable for everybody to kiss scientists hands according to Islam and it is praiseworthy top admire the piety position and spirituality and expressing kindness and modesty; but in Baha’ism kissing hand is illegitimate.

However, a glance eat the history of Baha’ism will indicate that Abdul Baha has violated his father’s commandment and has allowed his hands to be kissed. Because kissing hands has been prevalent among Muslims, Hussein Ali Nouri was going to oppose this action in order to weaken respecting clergymen.


[1] Page 10, line 11.


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