A sheet from Baha’ism history: Hussein Ali Nouri was asked by Agha Khan Nouri

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After the execution of Ali Muhammad Shirazi in Tabriz city, his followers rioted in several parts of the country including the event of Neyriz in Fars, Tabarsi fort in Mazandaran, Zanjan sedition and the massacre of some innocent people due to the riots. Following these events, Amir the Great, the chancellor of Iran called Hussein Ali Nouri and considered him as the cause of those riots and asked him to travel to holy Shrines in Iraq. Hussein Ali left Iran to travel to Iraq on Tir, 1230 S.H., too.

Due to domestic and external plans and some month after Hussein Ali’s exile to Iraq, Amir the Great was removed from his office and killed in Fin bath, Kashan city. Mirza Agha Khan Nouri entitled E’atemaduduleh was elected as chancellor. These two (Hussein Ali Nouri and Mirza Agha Khan Nouri knew each other very well. They were both the alien’s forces in Iran. So, Agha Khan Nouri’s first action after being chancellor was making Hussein Ali Nouri to return to Iran supported by the Russian government to attract its attention. In the book “the summary of Nabil Zarandi’s history book”, Abdul Hamid Ishraq Khawari writes on page 558: “(Mirza Agha Khan Nouri, the chancellor) decided to compromise the government and Hussein Ali Nouri; so, he wrote a letter to the Excellency Bahaullah and asked him to come to Tehran city.”


p.558, the summary of Nabil Zarandi’s history book


Abdul Hussien Ayati (Awareh) revealed in the book Kawakeb-al-Dorrieh and showed the old and intimate relationships between Hussein Ali Nouri and Mirza Agha Khan Nouri. He writes in the book, Vol. 1, p. 305: “Maybe, the background of friendship between the Excellency and the Chansellor Nouri caused him to return and even some believe that Mirza Agha Khan, the chancellor, gave good news about killing Amir the Great and his chansellorship and asked him to retutn.”


p. 305, Al-Kawakeb-Al-Dorrieh by Awareh


Anyway, Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri returned to Tehran on Ordibehesht 1231 S.H. receiving the letter

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