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  This title deceives women to attract them to the Baha’ism cult shouting the slogan of discrimination against women and the equality between men and women.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019 08:25

Tahereh, the mother of riot and assassination

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By: Seyyed Kazem Mousavi






One of the puppets which tried hard to fulfill the Colonial aims was Zarin Taj Baraqani Qazvini. She possessed a null confidence grown up in a cultural family. Eventually, it caused her to turn against the origin of Islamic beliefs and o enter into Sheikism.

Monday, 09 December 2019 08:30

The Baha’is and their presence in the riots

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The Baha’ism organization was calling its members to riots before and now it pretends to be oppressed boldly because its related elements have been captured (on charge of being the leaders of the riots)! Additionally, the Baha’ism organization is also responsible for the current living circumstances by spoiling the economic system of the country via trying to increase sanctions, exchange contraband and etc.


 IN his books, the forged prophet of Baha’ism Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri addresses his brother Mirza Yahya and his other followers with befitting words.


 Complying the verses of the holy Quran, the Islamic phylosophers and sages have considered one of the important aspects of the prophets’ prophetic mission and the religion legitimacy as removing differences, chaos and disputes among human beings. So, how is possible for Abdul Baha to introduce the principle of kindness and affection[1] as the unprecedented one and to attribute it to his father and the Baha’is consider it as their new principle of Baha’ism in their advertisements after passing 1200 years of the prophetic mission and the continuity of this important aspect of the holy prophet’s (P.H.) life and the holy Imam’s styles of confronting?!

Monday, 09 December 2019 05:46

Muhammad Ali Taheri, the 21st century Bab?

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 Muhammad Ali Taheri, the head of the deviant cult of Erfan Halqeh cult can be called as the 21st century Bab.


After changing the price of petrol and its following events misused by some trained people commissioned by enemies, it ended in remarkable damages to personal, public and governmental properties. The rioters made fire as long as they could and attacked people with all kinds of weapons. The Iranian zealous people defeated this plan like other previous illusions.

However, it should be said that we have seen many such plans during 41 years and will see in the future, too. It seem the repeated scenario of making killed person has been using again. Most importantly, we observe history is being started and the obstinate media and the enemies of Iran is trying to change the place of torturer and martyr.

     Instead of defending people who have been unfairly attacked by the rioters, they are trying to pretend some of these rioters as the oppressed and to accuse the Islamic republic of Iran.



     Now, we ask the supporters of people’s rights several questions:

1)   Where are the oppressed people of Palestine’s rights who have been ignored by the Zionistic regime for years and been massacred because they don’t want to turn over their lands to the Zionists?!

2)   Why have the Syrian people been disregarded by the European and American statesmen?! The American president has declared that ISIS has been created by America. Why aren’t the American statesmen answering?!

3)   Iraq has been severely attacked and destroyed by a group of European countries headed by America for less than a decade and the Americans let ISIS criminal movement flaunt in this country. Who will answer about those who were beheaded, killed, massacred and burned into fire?

4)   For what sin(s) the oppressed people of Yemen were attacked by the criminal ordered by America?

5)   Myanmar army shot and massacred the sinless Muslim people. People were made fire in their house who ordered the army to do that?

6)   Who has ordered the scenario of confronting against Islam to be started in Bahrain by the footling Sheiks living nearly the Persian Golf?





Posing personal proselytizing scenario, the Baha’ism organization is going to hide its proselytizing and organizational activities and force the Iranian Baha’is to ignore the governmental rules and to oppose against the government indirectly. The Baha’ism organization assumes the both cases as success for itself!

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