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 When the increase of portal price was announced, the Baha’ism organization tried to beckon the peaceful people oppositions towards the disagreement with the origin of the system of the government and overthrowing. As republishing the Baha’i organization message sent in 1388 in which the Baha’is had been asked to follow the overthrowing movements purposefully in order to add their related elements to the line of those who were thinking of overthrowing.

Bahaismiran: What is the relationship between the agents of crimes and wild massacres against oppressed kids in the occupied Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Myanmar and etc. with Christianity and Baha’ism heads across the world?!



The minister of education, Mohsen Haji Mirzaee said before starting the education year 98- 99 concerning the proselytizing of informal religions by stating it at school: “If the students say they belong to other religions except the formal religions of the country and it is assumed as proselytizing, their educations at school will be forbidden.[1]



One of the teachings posed by the Baha’ism as a new principle is that religion must cause friendship and affection; as Abdul Baha considered irreligion better than enmity: “The third teaching of Bahaullah is that religion must cause friendship, communication of human being and God’s mercy. If religion causes enmity and war; so irreligion is better.[1]


Q: Introduce yourself?

A: I am Ataullah Qaderi, the offspring of Qorban Ali and I am 65. I am from Mehr Abad village, Ajabshir city, the Eastern Azirbayjan. Now, I am living in Miyanduab city, the western Azirbayjan. I am serving in Education ministry, elementry teaching level.


The punishment of excommunication is being done in Baha’ism while this cult has posed it as one of its teachings. However, the first step in achieving certainty and quitting imitation is hesitation following questioning. So, how is it possible for a Baha’i not to be allowed to ask about his/ her beliefs and the system of leadership?!



Sen Mc Glinn is one of Baha’ism critics who was blamed by the Baha’ism organization due to his criticizing views after being the active member of the Baha’i community for 31 years. His name was removed out of the Baha’i community members and was excommunicated decided by the universal center of Baha’ism (the universal house of justice). As an open minded and theologist, he was trying to criticize and clarify and strengthen the Baha’i teachings in order to make Baha’is know Baha’ism better.

Sunday, 01 December 2019 18:28

Antichrist and Sofiyani, two signs of emergence

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Sofiyani is one of the certain signs of emergence; but Antichrist isn’t.

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