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Thursday, 10 November 2016 12:49

Ms. Masih Ali Nejad, living abroad costs; but with a prince

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As if, Ms. Masih Ali Nejad is scraping the bottom of the barrel. She had deepened her relationship with the deviant cult of Baha’ism to provide her expenses; of course, she had a close relationships with the Baha’is as clerk in the VOA.

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 18:17

Mahdi (PBUH), Ten Revolutions in One Revolution (Part 2)

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 Revolution in women rights, intellectual improvement, and scientific rights


He will choose 313 persons who will be the main operators of his government. According to the Ahadith, there are 50 women amongst them, who will perform in the highest level of global management. This clearly illustrates the role of women in this revolution.

Monday, 07 November 2016 20:17

Baha’ism and dynamic civilization

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 In one of the programs of the “Baha’i faith” network, the dynamic civilization issue was investigated. Dr. Sabeti, the expert of the network said in a summit called “the Baha’i faith and the creation of a new fact”: “The problem of the previous religions was that identity has been always defined based on our oppositeness with them. The scientists didn’t pay attention to this issue that how do the followers of a new religion convince others with the new social facts in order for them to accept.[1]

Saturday, 05 November 2016 19:44

Violence,The means of Baha’ism-Part  2

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what were the Ottoman king, Muhammad Najib Pasha’s aims to attack to Karbala?


     A glance at Seyyed Kazem Rashti’s influence on the founders of Babi thought in his event

Saturday, 05 November 2016 19:42

A dream which didn’t come true

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Nov.4, death anniversary of Shoqi Effendi



According to Abdul Baha’s will tablets, his 24 male offspring must be the heads of Baha’is after him generation after generation entitled the guardians of Amrullah and each must elect his next successor in order for differences not to be created. However, Shoqi Rabbani the first person of the chain was abortive and after his death in 1337 another period of split and division was created among Baha’is; but eventually Shoqi Effendi’s wife, Rouhieh Maxwell and a 27-people group called “Ayadian Amrullah” attracted the majority of Baha’is and excommunication the opponents and founded”the universal house of justice“ in 1342/ 1963.



 It seems Baha’is who live in the Islamic Republic of Iran expect the government to support them more despite of their hostile activities against Islam and the political system of Iran. It should be said that these kinds of expectations are unprecedented across the world.



 “If a person isn’t with us, the/she is against us. “ there won’t be a medium level.” This statement have been repeatedly said by the powerful and those who claim for the universal village. However, cults and their leaders emphasize more on the viewpoint such as Monafeqin cult. Nevertheless, Hussein Ali Nouri infused the view to his followers and insulted those who rejected the view. In one of the programs related to the Baha’ism cult called “the Baha’i Faith” the program expert claimed: “The Baha’i community doesn’t have any problem in order for a person to criticize the faith teachings or to speak about its history. While the Baha’i community answers it.[1]



Shoqi Effendi, the third leaders of the Baha’i cult possessed a lot of belongings under the name of the religious money when he was alive. It is interesting to be noted that; for instance, in 1336 (solar calender) Shoqi Effendi possessed 278 million dollars.[1]

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