Abul Fadhl Golapaygani

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He is one of the distinguished people of the deviant cult of Baha’ism. His book called “Faraed” is one of the most detailed and the highest book in reasoning in Baha’ism. He has deviated and interpreted the Quranic verses and Islamic traditions. He has coincided the verses with the Baha’i faith using hundreds of ridiculous justifications.

He was born in 1260 A.H. in Golpaygan city. He has died in 1293 A.H. He has become Baha’i when he was 33 when he visited Fadhel Qaeeni (Nabil Akbar Agha, Mulla Ahmad’s son died in 1309 in Bokhara). He has proselytized Baha’ism. First Hussein Ali Nouri and then Abbas Effendi ordered him to write so-called reasoning books.

     He has travelled abroad several times to Europe, America, Egypt, Turkistan, and Syria and wrote several books supporting the Baha’i creed including: Kashful Qita’ and Dorrarul Bahaiyah, Hojajul Buhiyah, Lame’a reasoning, Ayyoubieh epistle, Alexander epistle.  

     It is said that Abul Fadhl Golpaygani turned against Baha’ism and turn to Islam at the end of his life.

     He died in Egypt in 13320 A.H. when he was 72





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