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Suppose what will happen if according to the Baha'ism teaching Baha'is are in the majority.

     Non-Baha'is will be boycotted extensively and the proselytizing slogans of Baha'ism will be meaningless there, anymore. Of course, Baha'ism has practically shown that even minority can't be considered as a factor for its monopolization.


The Baha’ism leaders claimed for the divine religion promises concerning the universal peace and justice; while after the emergence of these two false claimants, two world wars happened which ended in millions of injured and dead people. Now, after more than 170 years, injustice and tyranny are expanding day by day.


After turning against Islam and announcing the abolition of it and also claiming for a new religion, the Babism leader has issued the commandment for the massacre and sever encounter against the opponents. The fierce nature of Ali Muhammad wasn’t similar to the principles in which his successors believed superficially later on. As Abdul Baha has considered a religion which causes massacre as better not to be existent! What has been the outcome of this massacre and crimes by Babis and then several-year abolition by Baha’ism?!


As you know, the Excellency Imam Hadi (P.H.) possessed five offspring (four sons and a daughter) named: Imam Hassan Askari (P.H.), Hussein, Muhammad, Ja’far and Ali. Among the offspring, Ja’far was evildoer and liar; so that he was entitled as Kazzab; that is, a great liar. He was Imam Hassan’s brother and Imam of the time’s (P.H.) paternal uncle. He claimed for being Imam after Imam Hadi’s (P.H.) departure, he said: I am the Imam of Muslims; my brother isn’t.

Friday, 30 August 2019 19:56

The last superior

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Good news is enjoyable and the most lovely part of a speech is the one gives good news and increase hope and happiness in human being.

Saturday, 24 August 2019 16:02

You can’t have your cake and have it!

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It is said that you can’t have your cake and have it! We have seen some people whose views are being changed in various situations. However, such people’s words aren’t influential on broad-minded and aware people since they aren’t sincere in their behaviors and speech.

Monday, 12 August 2019 06:39

The disciples of the old Colonialism

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It is nearly 30 years for Salman Roshti to be excommunicated by the Muslims and the Islamic world. He is the very person who was bestowed the “Sir” and “Knighthood” by Britain.

Friday, 09 August 2019 14:53

The Permanent Faith

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If a person reads the holy prophet’s (P.H.) sermon in Ghadir day, he/ she will know that everybody claims for prophethood after him will be a liar because the holy prophet (P.H.) said at that 120-people association: “I am the final prophet and messenger…”

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