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Kissing hands is illegal in Baha’ism!

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     The first conclusion:

     The Excellency Bahaullah has said in the book Aqdas: “It is illegal for you to kiss the hands. It has been prohibited by God.”

     Abdul Hamid Ishraq Khavari (the famous Baha’i proselytizer) has written: “The religious leaders and the scholars of most different religions believe that kissing hand is one of their dignities to expose their hands for their disciples to be kissed[1]… Regarding this blessed action he says: It is forbidden for you to kiss hands. It is illegal in the divine book. Each kind of kissing hand has been prohibited by the almighty God.

     The second conclusion:

     The above photo is the Excellency Abdul Baha’s one (the second leader of Baha’ism) who has exposed his hands to be kissed!!!



[1] In divine religions particularly the religion of Islam, it has been recommended for Muslims to kiss the dignitaries’ hands particularly father and mother’s ones.

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