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The lack of legitimacy of the U.H.J. without the presence of the guardian

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The universal house of justice organization leads the Baha’is nowadays.

     This organization consist of nine people who must be men and be elected by the Baha’is.

     According to the Baha’i leaders, the legitimacy of the universal house of justice is due to the presence of the guardian. However, because the last leader of the Baha’is, Shoqi Effendi, was aborted, the universal house of justice controls and directs the Baha’is alone and it is responsible for legislating in Baha’ism and clarifying and interpreting the Baha’i texts.

     Nevertheless, according to Shoqi Effendi in the book “the Baha’i era”: The universal house of justice’s basis is forever unstable and invalid.


     Now, this is Baha’is, the leadership system which is forever invalid.

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