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Is wisdom a criterion or not?

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     Bahaismiran: All human beings consider wisdom as an important entity and believe that it plays an earnest role; particularly nowadays when the technologic industries have advanced and the science area has expanded. The Excellency Abdul Baha has narrated from his father: wisdom is the first human talent and the divine religion has been established based on it. (Tranquility for the chaotic world narrated by Abdul Baha)

     The Bahaullah himself says in one of his book: Be aware that what has been perceived by your wisdom or by higher or lower than years isn’t and won’t be criterion for right recognition (Badi’a Bahaullah)


     Well, if we ask our wisdom this question “why hasn’t Baha’ism which calls itself a religion been able to achieve the unity concerning the role of wisdom in its rudiments?” what will our wisdom answer to us?

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